Dress for the battlefield.


Dressing the best, the brightest and
the most athletic in North America.

J. YUNGER  fulfills the desire for exclusivity by partnering with the consumer on his own limited edition garment.

We focus on delivering an exclusive shopping experience tailored to today’s busy man. Our clothiers constantly study the current fashion trends while respecting the time honoured traditions of the tailoring process.

Cloth & Craft

The type and quality of cloth used in fine tailoring is crucial to the finished product. No amount of tailoring skill is able to disguise the use of inferior materials. The production of luxury cloth, from harvesting of the wool or silk to it’s distribution to the tailors of the world is a meticulous and time honored process.

Consultation & Design

Our professional clothiers work around your busy schedule, provide a comprehensive analysis of your current wardrobe and help make improvements where necessary. After understanding your current clothing needs, we partner with you to design your unique look. Choosing from fabrics from world reknown fabric mills, we create a look that works for you.


Cutting is an art. Each one of our garments is individually cut by a small group of local tailors with decades of experience. Every nuance of your body is taken into account during the cutters skilled observation and measurement. The notation is then transferred to a master pattern that remains on the cutting room rails.

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